Marinate: Marinate for a couple hours if you have the time. I use beer and some spices, maybe a little maple syrup. –  Marinating is especially important if its a Sirloin Tip Steak.
Bring steak to room temperature! (if it was in the fridge)
Bar-B-Q: Grill at 450 – 500; Sear first & then 3-4 minutes per side (makes rare – med.rare)
Stove: Heat pan (cast iron if possible) to med-med/high. Test by letting a drop of water fall onto pan; it should sizzle on contact. Add butter
Sear steak on a pan (1-2 minutes per side; look for browning which creates a good seal.)
Put in oven for 6 minutes at 425 (pour on a minimal amount juices from the steak if you have them, either from out of the pan or the marinate or juices from when it thawed).

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